Vanquish’s soaring performance, meticulous craftsmanship and cosseting luxury defines a new breed of super grand tourer.


Power, Beauty and Soul

A century in the making, Vanquish is the continuation of an illustrious bloodline that has produced some of the fastest, finest and most exciting road and racing cars ever made. This continuity of design and spirit is an unbroken strand of DNA that links our past, present and future...

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The spirit of Vanquish

Vanquish is the culmination of everything we know from a design and engineering perspective. With greater potency, agility, efficiency and luxury, we’ve created a purebred sporting GT that embodies extreme performance, yet avoids exaggeration and excess. Vanquish is the Ultimate Grand Tourer.

Next Generation

Taking the Aston Martin ethos of understated elegance and evolving it to express a greater sense of dynamism, Vanquish takes direct influences from the extraordinary One-77 supercar. Sheer surfaces and harder lines made possible by its Carbon-Fibre skin give Vanquish a lithe, tightly tailored appearance.


With 630 Nm (465 lb ft) of torque, 568bhp (576 PS) of peak power and achieving 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h 3.8 seconds), Vanquish has the greatest performance numbers ever reached in an Aston Martin. It’s not a Grand Tourer, it’s a Super Grand Tourer.


Designed to cosset you in unrivalled comfort and crafted from the finest natural materials, Vanquish offers a uniquely relaxing driving environment. Striking a perfect balance between intimacy and spaciousness, the cockpit connects you completely with the car yet isolates from fatigue like only this Super GT knows how.